Please select your preferred method of banking from the following lists:

BankersTransactionMethodPer Transaction LimitProcessing Time (Minutes)
DepositATM / Internet Banking30.0050,000.003
DepositATM / Internet Banking
DepositATM / Internet Banking
DepositATM / Internet Banking
WithdrawalLocal Bank Transfer50.0050,000.005 - 30
WithdrawalLocal Bank Transfer
WithdrawalLocal Bank Transfer
WithdrawalLocal Bank Transfer

Important Notes:

  • Member's name must be the same as the registered account with
  • Member is allowed to withdraw the maximum of THREE times per day.
  • All deposits and withdrawals processing time are subject to internet banking availability.
  • All maximum transaction limits are based on per transaction per day.
  • Large withdrawal amount will take longer processing time.
  • Member is required to meet at least one (1) time turnover of the deposited amount before withdrawal can be made.
  • Withdrawal is not allowed if the rollover requirements for any bonus claimed have not been fulfilled.
  • Please retain the Bank Receipt (if fund deposited via ATM) or Transaction Reference Number (if fund deposited via internet banking) as we will request for the proof of deposit.
  • For other Local Banks, please liaise with our Customer Service via live chat for more info.
  • Please refer to the terms and condition for more details.